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Postй le 06/07/2016 03:30  
Because of its low density, fire resistant, beautiful appearance and indoor large-scale use, the main products are doors, windows, door pockets, moldings, Great Wall panels, ceiling and so on.Synthetic Teak decking Because WPC moisture, mold, long life, high strength, for fumigation characteristics, has also been used in logistics with tray products. However, unlike other emerging industries, the biggest problem encountered is the wood industry standard is unclear, product quality varies greatly, greatly

It affected the confidence of consumers using such products. Materials Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and the Professional Committee of WPC show that since 1998 WPC began to enter the Chinese industries, the standard question has always plagued this emerging industry,Durability Of Plastic Composite Roof Shingles For Covered Entrance some of the persons concerned have done a lot of effort. For example: Back in 2001, China National Packaging Corporation had developed under the auspices "BB / T 0020 WPC tray" industry standard (not adopted); State Forestry Administration promulgated the forestry industry standards in the 2004 "LY / T1513 squeeze pressure plastic composite sheet.

" China WPC hotbeds of Guangdong Province has promulgated the "WPC technology" and "WPC inspection and test method" and other local After WPC special committee was elected in 2006 Olympic Games WPC applications overall coordination units, have been invited to draw up "Beijing Olympic projects WPC sheet / profiles Quality Inspection Technical Guide" and so on.pvc wall panel ceiling for indoor decoration The past 10 years, work has been WPC standards Ruoyouruowu promote this solitude phenomenon after 2008 had suddenly improved. March 2009 and June, there have been two national standards for wood-related materials "GB / T 24137 WPC decorative board" and "GB / T 24508 Wood Flooring" introduced,

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